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Sturdy Post & Rail
Sturdy Post
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Product Description

Sturdy Rails

Sturdy post & rail fencing is mainly used to keep animals in or out of an area. Most fencing is installed at approxiately 1.2m (4ft) high, this gives a good 90cm (3ft) in the ground for a secure post. If installing in the summer we would advise the posts be cemented in.

When calculating allow one post every 1.5m (5′) / 1.8m (6ft) plus one for the end of the run.

Sturdy post & rail can be installed by either nailing direct to the post or the posts can be morticed. When nailing the rails to the posts we recomend a 100m (4″) nail.

Rail size: 100mm/38mm (4″x1 ½” )

Our rails available in 3m long (10ft), & 3.6m Long (12′)

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Size Options:

3m (10′), 3.6m (12′)


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