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Bulk Buy Sleepers

Bulk Buy – Sleepers

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30 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm (8' x 8" x 4") £750.00 inc VAT Add to Basket Add to Basket

Product Description

Bulk Buy Sleepers.

Pack of 30

Sleepers are strong, durable and their natural appearance is pleasing to the eye, giving a fresh crisp look.

They are pressure treated with environmentally friendly Tanalith ‘E’ giving the timber a long maintenance free life.

This makes them perfect for all garden uses, raised beds, retaining walls, edgings and other landscaping features.

Reclaimed sleepers can leak out tar and cresote from its dipped treatment making them unsuitable for use around children, pets and vegetable patches.

Chart Fencings softwood sleepers are the safe alternative for all your gardening needs.

 Main Features:

  • Pressure treated softwood
  • Natural appearance
  • Square edged
  • Light and easy to work with
  • Child & pet friendly

Size: 2.4m x 200mm  x  100mm  (8′ x 8″ x 4″)

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Size Options:

2.4m x 200mm x 100mm (8′ x 8″ x 4″)


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